Happy Birthday Rachel!

Happy Birthday Rachel.
From Rachel McAdams Online

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  1. Happy Birthday. Wish you the best in your future endeavors on both the silver screen and your life. May all your dreams come true.

  2. happy bday hope you have fun the only reson i am righting this is becaues i am reseaching you for my drama class i am doing a monologue out of mean girls. well hope you have fun

  3. really? because i’ve always read in magazines and even on this webside that her birthday is october 7th.

  4. happy birthday rach, i hope you’ll see, all best wishess for you, sorry for my english, i am roman.

  5. No, her birthday is Nov, 17th 1978. Someone on iMBD got a copy of her birth announcement from the London Free Press and hopefully now the mix-up has been fixed.check wikipedia theres a copy of it on there.

  6. yeh i posted my comment on the 17 but it came up as the 18th i dont know why times are different ???

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