New “Morning Glory” Set Pictures

Hey, sorry about not updating! I just started a new job and I’m trying to get adjusted to it & it’s hours. Hopefully I’ll be updating like crazy soon! I know I’m behind but I went ahead and added new pictures of Rachel On the Set of “Morning Glory” from the 12th. She looks gorgeous in the pictures!! Previews and gallery link are below:

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  1. Yay, an update!!

    Oh, she looks so pretty. I will have to make a wallpaper *squee*

  2. About a week ago I saw the beautiful movie “Diary of a passion and so far I’m still crying!
    Investigate all over and tell me that this is your page maybe it’s true but I’m writing so well!
    My name is Magali and I live in Argentina, Rachel wanted to tell you I love you with all my heart .. and as I write this I begin to mourn that you really admire and am a big fan of yours, now I have 15 years when I finish studying and have lots of money received and I will travel to where you estes! my dream is to know you and Ryan Gosling much I love them! are the best actors eh seen in my life are the best!
    It makes me very sad that they have been separated for my partner were the most beautiful woman in the world!! I hope that I will get back together I still want it to be but maybe now is not the time to re encontrarce if not later that I really feel that love I hope so!
    Well my dear Rachel weeping dismissal of emotion that I ojola god help me and give me an answer you would you do me the happiest person in the world!!
    Rachel I love you much your fan now and forever!!

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