New Layout! + “The Time Traveler’s Wife” Box Office Results

As you can tell the site now has a new layout! I hope everyone likes it. We were in need of a new one badly.

“The Time Traveler’s Wife” takes 3rd at Box Office:

Warner Bros./New Line’s “The Time Traveler’s Wife” opened to an estimated $19.2 million from 2,988 screens, one of the best showings ever for a romantic drama in any part of the year. Based on the bestselling book, film placed No. 3.

I got a chance to see the movie this weekend & I thought it was a beautiful movie! What did everyone else think?

9 Comments on “New Layout! + “The Time Traveler’s Wife” Box Office Results”

  1. I thought it was good, definitely better then the book. There were places the film could have expanded, but overall it was good. And, of course, Rachel was spot on.

  2. I loved The Time Travelers’ Wife. I thought it was a good movie, though it wasn’t adapted very much from the book.
    Lovely layout by the way! =D

  3. I love the book but I was disappointed with the film as they missed so many good bits from the book to the point where none of the film made sense

  4. I thought the movie was cute but I wasn’t very impressed. I expected more from it and I just didn’t think it was very well put together. I didn’t leave the theatre wanting more, I left rather confused and a little disappointed. The movie looked great in the trailer and I think it had the potential to be better than what it was. The actors did a great job though!

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