Rachel as 3rd most profitable actress

Screen star Naomi Watts provides the best return for Hollywood studios of any actress, according to a list published by Forbes. The Australian, who starred in The Ring and King Kong, was found to make $44 in box office returns for every $1 paid.

Jennifer Connelly and Rachel McAdams, who appeared in The Time Traveler’s Wife, came second and third.

Meryl Streep’s value for money rating was fifth, despite starring in smash hit film Mamma Mia! The Oscar-winning actress makes the studios $27 for every $1 she commands in payment.

Other film stars to grace the top 10 include Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway and double Academy Award winner Hilary Swank.

Forbes compiles its list by looking at 100 Hollywood stars, which must have starred in at least three films in the past five years which opened in 500 cinemas.

They took into account each actress’s estimated salaries, the films’ budgets and their earnings at the box office, DVD releases and on television.

Top 3
1. Naomi Watts – $44
2. Jennifer Connelly $41
3. Rachel McAdams – $30