#22 at Empire’s 50 Sexiest Movie Star List

Congratulations to Rachel because she is #22 at Empire’s 50 Sexiest (Female) Movie Stars list. Other female movie stars on the list are Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie & Megan Fox.

22 – Rachel McAdams
It helps that she’s blessed with flawless girl next door looks, of course, but McAdams is proof positive that intelligence is sexy as hell. A fantastic actress who has refused to play the game thus far, taking supporting roles in good movies rather than leads in shitty ones, a smartness shines through in McAdams‘ eyes no matter what the role, no matter what the circumstances. This is a gal who likes to break a mental sweat, and that’s very attractive.

Most alluring as… She’s pretty much refused to sexxx her roles up thus far, and good on her for that. However, her upcoming turn as Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes looks to be pretty damned raunchy.

Interests include… She’s committed to saving the planet – not only does she not own a car, instead taking the bus to work when she can, but she co-founded an environmentally-friendly website, www.greenissexy.org. We’d advise you to check it out, but you’d really be better off turning off your computer entirely.

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