‘Torso’ Movie (Ness) Is ‘Not Dead Yet’

It’s never been officially confirmed that Rachel will star in the ‘Torso’ Movie Ness. David Fincher (director) said earlier; “I’ve never spoken with Rachel McAdams, though it’s a fine idea” but a few weeks later “Ness” was added to Rachel’s IMDB page.

Now the director David Fincher told MTV the movie wasn’t dead, yet. Take a look at the article below.

As longtime readers know, we’ve been closely following the ups and downs of a potential adaptation of Brian Bendis’ graphic novel “Torso” for quite a while now. The crime drama follows a post-Untouchables Eliot Ness as he investigates the one of the nation’s first serial killers, and at one point in the project’s move to the big screen, David Fincher was attached to direct with Matt Damon, Casey Affleck and Rachel McAdams tagged for lead roles.

” A week ago I had final, but this weekend, not so much with the final,” said Bendis when I asked if he had a “final word” on the project’s status.

“Last December, we got the green light … and then three days later there was no green light,” he said. “Imagine you get a call, you won the lottery… [then] no, you didn’t. It’s much worse than never getting the call. It was a very exciting moment, and then it went away.”

“Not dead yet,” he laughed, adding that the phrase might be an appropriate subtitle when he creates the follow-up to “Fortune and Glory,” the book he published in 2000 chronicling his experiences with Hollywood. His initial efforts to get the “Torso” movie made are among those he chronicles in the book, which is receiving a full-color, hardcover reprint in December.

“[That] will be the sequel to ‘Fortune and Glory,'” he laughed. “Not Dead Yet.”

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