Sherlock Holmes Viral Campaign & Game

As expected Sherlock Holmes is going to be big with a lot of promotion online and offline. It all started with a pre-production press conference before they begin filming and I think we can expect a lot more.

The Viral Campaign has started. You can join a mailing list, you have to go to THIS website and type in “Irene” (Rachel’s character). You’ll see a introduction video (it’s kinda creepy LOL) and you can typ your e-mail account to sign up. Thanks Susy for the link

I received an e-mail yesterday, it’s an invitation to the official Sherlock Holmes game. To join the game you have to have a Facebook account and you can play it with a friend or by yourself. I haven’t played it yet but it looks like fun!

Update: I want to wish everybody a Happy Halloween! Hope you have a fun day!