Rachel McAdams: Success Down to Luck

Here is a cute little article about how Rachel got a role. Check it out:

RACHEL McAdams believes her success is down to luck.

The actress — who stars in British director Guy Ritchie’s upcoming flick Sherlock Holmes — knows she is talented but is adamant she is guided in large part by fate.

“There’s a balance of some hand guiding you somewhere, and at the same time your own free will and taking the bull by the horns,” she said.

“I do think it’s a combination of the two that gets you wherever you are. And I think there’s a little bit of control, but not much!”

McAdams, 31, recently revealed that she begged Ritchie for a role in his eagerly awaited film.

“I hunted Guy down and camped on his doorstep until he relented!” the actress told Total Film magazine. “OK, no, we had a chat in a garden and it went from there… Fortunately, it worked out for me.”