Big Sherlock Holmes Interviews Update

A big update for you today! I’ve added all the interviews for the promotion of “Sherlock Holmes” so far in our gallery. Rachel looks lovely in all interviews! It’s so good to see some new (interview) footage of Rachel! Screencaptures are added in the gallery as well.

You can watch back all the “Sherlock Holmes” footage, including movie clips, trailers, interviews etc. in our Media Archive.

3 Comments on “Big Sherlock Holmes Interviews Update”

  1. Sweet – now are these the ‘press junkets’? That they normally have at the Four Seasons Hotel where she goes into different rooms etc… Cause the background is the same BUT her clothing is different. (In the gold and white outfit)

  2. Do you guys know if Rachel intends on coming to Paris anytime soon ? I heard that Jude Law and Robert D. Jr will be there on January 15th.
    I am a big fan of hers and I’d love to see her in my town ;)

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