More Sherlock Holmes 2 Details

I know that Rachel has not been confirmed yet for the Sherlock Holmes sequel, however, since more details have been released, I thought it might be interesting to post :)

With Robery Downey Jr.’s Golden Globes win for ‘Best Actor In A Comedy Or Musical’ and a worldwide gross of over $350 million, Sherlock Holmes is a smash hit however you look at it. In the US it’s still high in the charts and will shortly pass the $200m mark. Not bad for a production budget of $90m.

Warner Bros. actually commissioned a script for Sherlock Holmes 2 three months before the first movie was even released. It’s becoming increasingly common for studios to do this for movies with pre-release ‘buzz’ as it enables a sequel to get into production faster, for less cost.

Since they did that they’re now in the process of locking down the cast for a June start date. Downey Jr. recently passed on the lead role in Jon Favreau’s Cowboys And Aliens to free up that time.

It’s not known whether Sherlock Holmes 2 will invent a new story or draw on previous Conan Doyle material but it is likely that Moriarty will step out of the shadows. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brad Pitt had discussions with producers back in September about the role. We don’t know yet if an agreement was reached. Of course Pitt has already worked with Guy Ritchie, on 2000’s Snatch, and it would be interesting to see him play his first out and out villain, although I’m not convinced he really ‘does’ accents. Of course Gary Oldman would be a great choice. Ralph Fiennes a safe one. Alan Rickman seems like he was born to play the role.

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  1. I want her in the sequel :( Irene Adler was the only interesting women in sherlock holmes they can’t kick her out like that -_-

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