Selena Gomez on Rachel

Selena Gomez is featured in Emmy Magazine were she talked about Rachel; Selena is a big fan of Rachel.

On Rachel McAdams: “She’s made some very smart choices and she’s never played the same character. She’s done Mean Girls, The Notebook, Red Eye. She was fantastic in all of them. I always go see her movies the first night they open.”


5 Comments on “Selena Gomez on Rachel”

  1. ya i get what you mean i think all of her movies are good . and i will even admit the note book was pretty good . i sent her a letter a month ago i wounder if i get any thing back…

  2. YAYYY!!
    She has right! Rachel is awesome. Selena is cool too ;P
    I’m the same :D I always go to see her movies
    at the first night they open in the cinemas :)

  3. It’s encouraging to hear that Selena, who is looked up to and idolized herself by this generation, has a positive role model like Rachel.

  4. Rachel is awesome.

    that is another reason why i don’t hate selena gomez that much now.

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