82nd Annual Academy Awards (Updated)

The first sets of photos of Rachel during the “82nd Annual Academy Awards” have been added in our gallery. Rachel looks so amazing, one of my favorite looks so far. She worn an Elie Saab Haute couture gown. Rachel and Jake Gyllenhaal presented Best Adapted Screenplay. Keep checking back for more photos and video footage.

Update: A lot more additions have been added in our gallery as well as two new sets of Rachel arraving and inside the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. I’ve added some videos of Rachel during the event but if you found more footage please comment or e-mail us!

What a kidder! Presenter Jake Gyllenhaal was having a prolonged conversation with Rachel McAdams in the lobby of the Kodak Theatre before the actor finally introduced her to a friend, saying, “This is Rachel McAdams, she’s the mother of my child!”


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  1. I am stunned that Rachel has not been nominated for or won more awards. She is a fabulous actress and the best part about her is she isn’t too caught up in her looks and isn’t afriad to just be herself. She presents her natural beauty which is rare in show business today. Thank you Rachel for being who you are.

  2. Rachel looked FABULOUS! Perfect dress, earings, hair and makeup! She carried herself like a true professional! Great job, Rach!

  3. Hi, Just wanted to let you know there’s an interview with Rachel and Jake at Oprah.com . Just google Rachel McAdams and Jake and Oprah and it should pop up. Cute interview with Jake carrying Rachel’s purse.

  4. Rachel Mcdams es la mujer mas bonita, hermosa y explendida.
    me enamore de ella en la pelicula titulada diario de una pasion.
    su pelicula la he visto por 30 veces minimo y no me deja de encantar.
    si alguien puede hacerle llegar un mensaje duganle que soy su admirador numero uno

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