Logan Lerman Crushes on Rachel

We already knew Selena Gomez said Rachel was her role model but now Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) admits he has a crush on Rachel.

“My dream girl is Rachel McAdams. I saw her in a restaurant once and it was the first time I’ve actually frozen up around a girl. I couldn’t even look in the direction of where she was sitting! I’m a huge fan of hers.”


2 Comments on “Logan Lerman Crushes on Rachel”

  1. Rachel McAdams has always been a fabulous actress. Since the sad passing of Brittany Murphy, she now becomes, by far, the most lovable actress in the world. Her accessability sets her apart from other actresses of similar fame and stature. Keep on making great movie choices, Rachel, you deserve all the fame and fortune bestowed upon you. You just seem so…..normal and nice, in a not so nice town!!

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