Two Possible New Roles

Rumors are circulating on the web about two new films that Rachel might be starring in. Please bear in mind, this is just a rumor until we have confirmation.

Pajiba is reporting that Rachel McAdams is attached to two horror films right now. First up on the list, and the one that already has Guillermo Del Toro fans crying bloody murder, is a remake of 2007’s Spanish-language horror film, “The Orphanage.”

As we reported in January, hack director Mark Pellington (“Henry Poole Is Here,” “The Mothman Prophecies”) is sitting in the director’s chair, which means Del Toro’s “executive producer” title is pretty meaningless and we can’t imagine he’ll be looking over this film too carefully considering he’ll be full of hobbits in a couple of months. McAdams is apparently eyeing the lead role who brings her family back to her childhood home, that she turns into an orphanage, and that is subsequently haunted by the same specter that she encountered as a child. Sandra Bullock was apparently attached to the lead role sometime last fall, but considering she’s now an Oscar winner, we’re guessing her rates just went up.

The other film McAdams is circling is an adaptation of the Shirley Jackson novel, “We Have Always Lived In The Castle.” The 1962 novel “revolves around the Blackwood Family — two sisters and their uncle — forced into seclusion after the poisoning of several of their family members. Complications arise when a dubious long lost cousin arrives to secure the family fortune.” McAdams would apparently join Saoirse Ronan to play the sisters, while Michael Douglas (who is also producing) would play their uncle.

4 Comments on “Two Possible New Roles”

  1. Ahhhhhh, horror films. ;___;
    /doesn’t watch horror films

    Please don’t let these be true. I want to be able to watch all of Rachel’s films, lol.

  2. rachel never had a role in horror movie.i hope it’s gonna be perfect.she is befit every role.she is super-talent.

  3. usually I don’t care for horror movies but if Rachel gets in there, it’s gonna be my big care.
    I hope she will do a wonderful job again. She is such a great actress.

  4. rachel is probably doing a horror film just cause shes never been in one. i’ll watch anything with her in it.

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