Morning Glory: News & Trailer

We know it will be amazing for two reasons: 1 Rachel is in it and 2 JJ Abrams is the producer. Rachel is the main lead in this movie, so we are really excited!

Today the trailer came out, and it is Rachel as we have never seen before, yet all her brillance is still present. Morning Glory will open November 12th 2010. You can watch the trailer below and in our media archive, I’ve added the screencaptures in our gallery. I will replace those with HQ/HD ones as soon as possible.

7 Comments on “Morning Glory: News & Trailer”

  1. I actually didn’t think the movie would be all that great cuz ughhhh, I detest Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford, so putting them together, IDK HOW I WOULD HAVE BE ABLE TO CONTAIN MY HATE but omgggggg after seeing this. Seeing Rachel’s acting and the script and HER ACTING ? sooooo amaaaazing. she’s so in character and different from the other characters she usually plays.

    ahhhhh, i look forward to this :D

  2. I think it’s gonna be a great and fun movie. Rachel’s character seemed so different from her previous, but just the same, she portrays her role here outstandingly as expected. This movie will surely be a success all because of Rachel. My best and favorite actress.

  3. Yay, this looks so good! I’m so excited, my favorite actress is back!!!!

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