Sherlock Holmes 2: Rachel will Return!

Rachel will return for ‘Sherlock Holmes 2‘ but not as a lead according to

Rachel McAdams will return, but …
If he’s planning to shoot in the fall, Silver will have to cast his Moriarty soon. Downey is back as Holmes, and Jude Law returns as Dr. Watson. Silver even said that McAdams would reappear but that she wouldn’t be the leading lady this time.

“She’ll be present,” was all Silver would say.

The start of shooting is not that far away.
First off, Silver thinks it will be ready to shoot before the end of this year. “We’ll start shooting in the fall and coming out maybe the following year,” Silver said on May 22 in Hollywood.

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  1. That’s good news and bad news to me. I LOVE her in the first Sherlock Holmes but I wanted to see more of her. And now in the second one it looks like she’ll be in it even less. :(
    That sucks because Adler is Rachel’s most kick-ass character!

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