‘Sherlock Holmes’ Screencaptures

I have added screencaptures of Rachel in her latest hit, Sherlock Holmes. To view, head on over to the gallery. If you use any, please credit us! Enjoy!

3 Comments on “‘Sherlock Holmes’ Screencaptures”

  1. Rachel is such an amazing and brilliant actress. she is capable of portraying any role the best way possible. she is very versatile and talented. Most importantly, a very simple,down to earth but extremely beautiful inside out.

  2. Firstly i saw you in the time traveller’s wife and i liked you so much:) then the next day i watched notebook and i fell in love:) i hope you read comments.. Kisses from Turkey
    P.S: keep in touch.. if you send me a mail you make me the luckiest guy of the world:)

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