Possible new role: The Vow

News has been released that Rachel is to star in a new film with Channing Tatum (Dear John) in The Vow.

After winning the affections of Amanda Seyfried in Dear John, Channing Tatum is proving himself to be a heartless, cynical bastard who cares nothing for ladies, in that he’s ditching her and targeting Rachel McAdams. Cinematically, at least. The pair has just locked down deals to appear in The Vow.

Based on a true story (we can hear the orchestral score soaring even as we speak), the film will chronicle the struggles of a newlywed New Mexico couple. Just as they’re enjoying their time together, they get into a car crash. The wife ends up in a coma, with her caring husband at her side.

But then she wakes up, and has no memory of who her man is or that fact that they were married. So hubby is forced to win her heart all over again. Women, eh? One little coma and all they can think to say is, “who the hell are you and why should I care where your genitals fit in all of this?” And while it sounds like the pitch for a comedy (50 First Dates meets While You Were Sleeping?), it’s planned as an affecting romantic drama.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Sucsy is directing the film, which has been lying in its own development coma for years, and has woken up forgetting that Julia Roberts was once supposed to be the bed-stricken wife.


4 Comments on “Possible new role: The Vow”

  1. MAJOR DNW. NUUUU. i really dislike channing tatum. he’s cute, but he cannot act. and i don’t want to see rachel in another romance movie again, even though she’s so good in those.

    but since it’s supposedly being directed by a golden globe nominee, then i guess i’ll give it a go… fuu~

  2. Rachel is excellent in romantic movies but Channing Tatum seemed to be good only in action movies since he is really bad in acting. Nevertheless, with Rachel in the movie, i still believe that it’s going be a great and unforgettable romantic movie, just like her notebook and the time traveler’s wife. Rachel you’re the most beautiful, talented and best actress of this century.

  3. Olá Rachel, vou esteve ótima nesse filme ” The Time Traveler´s Wife ” com o Eric Bana, assisti aqui no Brasil. Parabéns, você é linda…. Bjs Edu

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