Wrap Party – 08/20

It seems that Midnight in Paris has wrapped!  Rachel was spotted out having a great time at the ‘Midnight in Paris’ wrap party on August 20th. It must be bittersweet for the cast and crew of the film.  But the party looked great:  there were drinks, motorcyles, hugs, dancing and even a random bunny! 

5 Comments on “Wrap Party – 08/20”

  1. Do you know by any chance if she’s still in Paris or when she’ll be gone ? And where is she staying exactly in Paris ? Hotel name, maybe ? I can’t believe I didn’t know she was shooting here, I could have seen her °O°

  2. I’m not sure. I would think she would be back in Canada now. Filming is said to have started for The Vow in Toronto.

  3. I would be charmed with knowing Rachel McAdams, he is the best artist that I have seen in movies, I am charmed with it, in June of the year that biene will study in toronto estare 2 months, believe you who could know her, please help me!

  4. I adore this woman she is perfect, mere beauty in all his splendor is, I follow her around and I would not like going away of this world without seeing her in person, that is one of my dreams.
    Greetings Of Argentina.

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