New Layout (Finally) & Like us @Facebook!

As you can see we have a brand new layout online, finally! The layout is made by the talented Fram, and it’s about time we have a new look since the last one of online for almost one year. We are really happy with this look, we hope you are too! Feel free to leave your comment about this layout and if you have any troubles, suggetions or anything else please comment too! Still working out on adding more sidebar content and the content of the site will be improved really soon too.

Some other great site news, we finally made our own facebook fanpage. You can follow and ‘Like Us‘ at facebook now. All the news, updates, information and exclusive content will be added to our facebook. So be sure to follow and like us. If you haven’t followed our twitter page @rachelmonline, be sure you do! We are currently working on tweetable but all the updates will be tweeted.

9 Comments on “New Layout (Finally) & Like us @Facebook!”

  1. I Like it, it’s awesome!!!… Its the first comment i write here :D

  2. I absolutely loooooove the new layout…but please can you change the font of the title…e.g. “new layout (finally) & like us @facebook!”

  3. Nice work, i check this site daily and a new layout is almost as good as a gallery update.
    Just one little thing, if you could change the little icon that appears in the tab would be great.

    Anyway congrats for the layout and thanks for the updates.

  4. The new layout is adorable! Congrats <3
    I don't have facebook but if I had I would like it, for sure.

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