New Project: ‘Welcome To People’ with Meryl Streep?

According to Proweek and Cinemablend Rachel, Meryl Streep and Chris Pine are mentioned as the cast for the upcoming Alex Kurtzman project ‘Welcome To People‘. Nothing is officially confirmed, but it would be so great if this is true! I am a hudge fan of Meryl Streep.

You know Alex Kurtzman as one of the most sought after writers in Hollywood. He co-wrote Mission: Impossible III, Transformers, and Star Trek along with a lot of really terrible movies that we’d all like to forget about like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. He’s already established himself as a crack screenwriter, now he’s taking a stab at directing with a movie called Welcome to People.

It’s a title so vague it could be applied to almost any movie, but in this case it’s a movie about a man who must deliver the $150,000 his deceased father has willed to a sister he never met. The movie’s still in early pre-production but Production Weekly says they have a line on who he may be looking to cast on the film, and it’s an A-list group. They say “Chris Pine, Rachel McAdams & Meryl Streep have been mentioned for the cast.” I’m not sure what “mentioned” means exactly, I guess it means Prod Weekly reserves the right to be entirely wrong and means you should consider this nothing more than a rumor until there’s an official confirmation.


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  1. Happy Birthday Rachel! You are my favorite actress, since “The Notebook”. You were awesome in that movie! You are the greatest actress since Marilyn Monroe! Happy Birthday! Your biggest fan forever: Sandor

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