Reminder: “Morning Glory” Novel Release

Today is the official release of the novel “Morning Glory” wich tells the story of Rachel’s upcoming project “Morning Glory” wich hits theaters november 12th. The novel is written by Diana Peterfreund and you can buy it via or For more information head over to our original update.

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  1. Hello, I am a belgian girl, a fan of Rachel. I wonder if you can respond to some questions I have about her. Can she speak french? Normally Canadian people do in some parts of the country. And the ather one, I could not find anywhere the reason why she broke up with Ryan Gossling. I know it is only her to decide who to date but I guess that if she ooks in her inside, probably he will remain to be THE ONE of her heart and the one who was suppose to be for her. Hollywood and the acting makes people very vulnerable and easy to get involved sentimentally with others, but in real there must be way to get couples to remain together!!! Being loyal to their principles and not giving up so easily whenever teh first storm comes by….

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