“Morning Glory” Official Website + Release Date

The full official website is online of “Morning Glory” you can visit the site via morningglorymovie.com. It looks really good featuring the photo of Rachel’s character poster. You can find the screencapture of the website in our gallery. The site is not completly done, we will update you when more content is available but we think you can expect it anytime soon.

The site also has a brand new TV Spot with some new footage of Rachel. Only a few weeks until the official release! According to Hollywoodreporter Paramount has shift the release date to november 10th in stead of november 12th but we are not sure this is reliable because the official website still says november 12th.

Update: They updated the official website, and it’s official “Morning Glory” will be out november 10th. That’s two day earlier then the first release date. That’s good news right?

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