Canoe Canada ‘Morning Glory’ Interview

Rachel recently talked, via the phone, to the website Canoe Canada to talk about her upcoming ‘Morning Glory‘. She was in Oklahoma to film the still untitled Terrence Malick project (so I guess it’s officially confirmed she is part of the cast). It’s a really good and fun interview, the excerpt can be found below and be sure to read the full interview in our press archive.

You’re going to be seeing a lot of Rachel McAdams.

This is a good thing.

McAdams, 32, has just finished filming one movie and has already begun working on the next, and there are two or three others in the pipeline that will keep her front and centre in theatres through 2012.

On Wednesday, when the comedy Morning Glory opens, many are predicting that it will be the film to launch McAdams into the stratosphere.

As Becky Fuller, a bright young producer hoping to fix a stale morning news show, McAdams is the centre of a smart, funny movie about TV and towering egos. And she holds her own in a cast that includes Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton as the cranky, argumentative news anchors McAdams has to whip into shape.

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