“Morning Glory” hits theaters TODAY!

Rachel latest project “”Morning Glory hits theaters today. Rachel plays Becky Fuller, a executive producer who just got fired at her old job. She gets the chance of a lifetime: she becomes the new executive producer at Daybreak. She succesfully adds Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) to the team. Pomeroy has to work with Colleen Peck. In the end Becky myst save her love life, her reputation, her job and ultimately Daybreak itself.

We added new HQ movie stills of the movie in our gallery. The links and previews are below. Are you going to see “Morning Glory“? If you don’t live in the US you can find the world wide release dates on the official website.

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  1. Anyone watch the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?I decided to read the book again before going to the movie and I have to say, that they stayed really near to the story-line with the book, even so, I feel like they edited out some key factors and also elements and a few details had been altered for cinema settings that we wish they wouldn’t have. Mostly foolish details, but ones that were really appropriate and also made things fall together a little better.

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