Happy Birthday Rachel!

Today is a very special day because Rachel is celebrating her 32nd birthday. We over at Rachel McAdams Online want to congratulate you and hope many more years will follow. We hope you can spend this day with your family and friends; the people who love you.

Leave a comment with your birthday message to Rachel, we are not sure she actually visits the site but it’s fun to post your personal message to Rachel right?

28 Comments on “Happy Birthday Rachel!”

  1. I love her and I hope you can spend this day with your family and friends, she deserves.

    (sorry for my english, i’m spanish)

  2. Have a very Happy Birthday Rachel!!! I send you the best wishes and health in this day and your whole life. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. YOU ROCK!!!

    PS: Lindsey, i think she turns 32nd… And you were right, it’s kind of fun! hehe

  3. Happy 32nd birthday Rachel!! Greetings from Ecuador South America. God bless u and thanks for being a beautiful inspiration in our lives!

  4. Um, actually Rachel is 32 not
    31. She was born in 1978. Maybe you forgot or something, but it’s kind of weird that a Rachel fansite wouldn’t know this.

  5. happy birthday rachel!. Greetings from Mexico, I hope you’re having very good in your day, just wanted to congratulate you and tell you you’re my favorite actress and also the most beautiful woman in the world!
    I hope you come to mexico some time to visit your fans.
    And I hope you continue to enjoy your day and you are with your family and friends, goodbye. :)

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