“Morning Glory” Box Office

Morning Glory” which opened Wednesday of last week made $9.2M in it’s opening weekend. It was good for the fifth place; congratulations to Rachel and the cast and crew! The movies above “Morning Glory” in the box office have a bigger audience, so we think the 5th place is pretty great. Total box office as of november 18th was $14,622,903.

Did you see “Morning Glory“?

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  1. we love to watch it but it is not yet being shown in the Philippines.When will it be shown here?

  2. Just saw the movie last weekend. Movie itself was contrived and just average, however, Rachel lights up the screen and completely carries the movie. Was a casual fan of hers before, but I came away very impressed with her performance. It was a difficult performance due to the range of emotion and physical comedy – something she hasn’t really done before.

    The movie will prevent her from being considered for an Oscar but its not out of the question for her to receive a Golden Globe nomination. Very impressive!!

    BTW – another little know but very impressive performance by Rachel McAdams is in the Lucky Ones. She again hit the nail in the head of her portrayal of Coleen Dunn. It’s too bad her good roles have not been big commercial successes. She can definitely carry a movie.

  3. Nope :-( it didn’t come to Bermuda BUT we will get the DVD here almost 2weeks before everyone else so *claps*

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