Merry Christmas!

We wanted to wish all the visitors of Rachel McAdams Online a wonderful christmas. We hope you all enjoyed the first christmas day and are enjoying the second one right now. Rachel recently opened up on how she spend her christmas:

For Rachel McAdams, another Canadian actor, “Christmas is usually pretty much the same. I’m always with my family in Canada. We do the big Christmas dinner.”

With a chuckle, she revealed: “We still have the stockings—we can’t seem to let go of the stockings. My mom was like, ‘You are 30 plus. It’s time to put the stockings away.’ My brother, sister and I were like, ‘No, we love the stockings.’ That’s our favorite part, so what we do is everyone buys something for each other’s stockings. We all contribute something special so it’s not just my mom going out and buying.”

She likes to cook, stressed Rachel, who top-billed “Morning Glory.” “I like to do the sweet potatoes. We take turns with the duties every year, from setting the table to cooking.”