Rachel in 2010: A Year in Review!

Inspired by Isabel Lucas Online we decided to make summary/review of this year. 210 has been an amazing year for Rachel. Still promoting “Sherlock Holmes” early this year and preparing and filming different project. We still made a total of 115 news post, although only one movie (“Morning Glory“) released. Yes, 2010 was a busy year for our girl.

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Rachel started the year off with the European promotion tour for “Sherlock Holmes” after been busy promotion the film in the USA. Although most see “The Notebook” as Rachel’s break through in Hollywood Rachel admitted she did not “get many interesting offers after I finished ‘The Notebook.’” (T-Magazine) – but with a box office hit -the movie is still the best christmas opening ever- Rachel got notice by a bigger audience. Rachel attended the “Sherlock Holmes” events in Berlin, Madrid and Paris after promoting it in London.

With the devastation catastrophe in Haiti a lot of countries organized benefit events to raise money and support for Haiti. Rachel was one of the special guest during the Canada For Haiti benefit event. Showing Canada, the world and especially Haiti her support. Back in 2005 Rachel showed her personal involvement by volunteering after hurricane Katherina. One of the major reasons we admire her: she has truly a big and loving heart.

“You just learn it can’t always be you [getting a part in a movie]. That’s a life lesson”
Rachel Mcadams, about competition

After all the “Sherlock Holmes” promotion Rachel returned to Toronto as she was seen walking around January 29. Showing us she is still a Canadian girl by heart. In February the rumors of Rachel’s involvement in a new Terrence Mallick project surfaced the web. Late 2010 it was officially confirmed Rachel would join the cast.

With Valentine’s Day coming up “The Time Traveler’s Wifewas released. Rachel received a Saturn Awards nomination for Best supporting Actress in “Sherlock Holmes“. Another buzz for a possible new project surfaced: it was possible Rachel joined the cast for the new Woody Allen movie. Mid 2010 it was confirmed Rachel joined the cast.

Rachel was one of the presenters, with actor Jake Gyllenhaal, during the 82nd Academy Awards -better known as the Oscars. She ‘wow-ed’ us all by showing up in an amazing Elie Saab Haute couture gown. Her sister Kayleen was her date for the evening.

Again Rachel returned to Canada, she was seen with her dad and a few days later riding a bike in April. May brought us new outtakes of Rachel’s Marie Claire photoshoot and the LA Times session.

With the release of “Sherlock Holmes” on DVD/Blu-Ray the big question was: will Rachel return for “Sherlock Holmes 2“. Although director Joe Silver confirmed she would return Rachel later admitted it was not sure she would return. If so, it would only be a cameo.

“I knew she was going to be good — I went out of my way to hire her — but I didn’t realize how good she’d be. God, she’s going to make a fortune in this business, because there aren’t a lot of girls out there with that much sex appeal and beauty who can also be comic”
-Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris director

After moving the release date for “Morning Glory” and re-shooting scenes for the movie Paramount finally released the first trailer in June. A few weeks later Rachel was seen in New York preparing for “Midnight in Paris“. A month later Rachel flew to the city of love: Paris to film her scenes for Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris“. The movie wrapped up in August.

Rachel returned to Toronto to prepare for her next project: “The Vow” with ‘Dear John’s’ Channing Tatum. Rachel was seen wearing a wig but since the set had a ‘no photography policy’ not many set pictures surfaced online.

Rachel also joined the national READ Campaign among other people like Emma Watson. She also showed up -by using the back door- during the Toronto Film Festival screening of “Beautiful Boy” causing a gossip flood possible dating her “Midnight in Paris” co-star Michael Sheen.

In November Rachel graced the cover of Instyle Magazine looking absolutely amazing. The photos were taken in Paris during the filming for “Midnight in Paris” to promote “Morning Glory“. The filming for “The Vowmoved to Chicago after wrapping up in Toronto.

With the release of “Morning Glory” Rachel and her co-stars Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton and Luke Wilson started the promotion tour. Rachel looked beautiful during the New York Premiere (November 7). Rachel visited the Today Show, Live with Regis and Kelly and the Early Show – showing us her bubbly, humble and lovable personality.

Rachel celebrated her 32nd birthday on November 17 followed by the good news “Morning Glory” did well in the box office. Late 2010 Rachel wrapped the untitled -rumored to be titled “The Burial” – Terrence Mallick Project. After months of speculation we now know Rachel will be playing Jane.

“But when she makes a choice, then she’s 120 percent committed to this film.”
-Roger Michell, Morning Glory director

To wrap up the year Rachel was seen at LAX with her “Midnight in Paris” co-star Michael Sheen causing a lot of new rumors. But since we do not want to post gossip and want to respect Rachel’s personal life we do not get into the subject too much. All we have to say: we are happy as long as Rachel is happy. Rachel launched herself a fashion feature in Vogue Italia with the release of “Morning Glory” in Europe Beginning / Mid 2011. Rachel spends her holidays back in Toronto, celebrating it with her family.

Favorites of 2010

Here are our favorites of this year, do you agree with them or not? If you have other favorite or additions be sure to comment below.

Best Red Carpet Look
My favorite red carpet look was during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. She looked absolutely amazing and everything was perfect: her hair, make-up and dress.

Best News
The best news of 2010 was really hard to pick but we always love to hear about new project. The most exciting news is probably Rachel joining the cast of “Midnight in Paris” and the untitled Terence Mallick project. Ofcourse the release of “Morning Glory” was exciting too.

Best Photoshoot
We were treated to 2 photoshoots this year. An editorial for Instyle and one for Vogue Italia. Our favorite one was the photoshoot for Instyle Magazine. Really classy, elegant and mind blowing.

Best Interview
Picking the best interview is really hard since we truly love reading them all. But the best interview is probably the Instyle one. I also love the New York Times Interview because of all the quotes of colleagues on Rachel.

Best Magazine Feature
Sadly Rachel was not featured in many magazines. But we were blown away by the vogue fashion editorial.

Best Quote
Picking out favorite quote is maybe the hardest one because I love reading and listing to Rachel’s interviews. One of my favorite ones is from New York Times.

“Being an actor you get to have so many lifetimes in one,” she said. “I like the comfort of home, the stability and security, but I also want to travel and do new things. Being an actor expedites that.”
-Rachel McAdams, New York Times

Best Quote on Rachel
This year gave us a lot of amazing quotes of Rachel’s co-stars about Rachel. It’s so great to read how much Rachel is admired and respected by her colleges. The quotes of Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford and directors Roger Michell and Woody Allen.

“She just radiates life. She has two sets of muscles. One is a kind of railway map of the script, which must be adhered to, and the other is emotional, meaning she can see what floats through the window on the day of shooting and go with that.”
-Roger Michell, director of Morning Glory

Best Project
It’s not hard to pick the best project since only one project released this year: “Morning Glory” but that does not mean the project is less special to us. The movie was the first true lead role for Rachel – she is almost in every scene (luckily for us!). This project shows the world how talented she is, she can truly do anything.

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