“Morning Glory” Berlin Premiere

The Berlin premiere for “Morning Glory” just finished only minutes ago and we already added the first released photos of Rachel during the premiere in our gallery. She looked absolutely stunning, wearing a red dress. Her make-up was done by Troy Jensen.

Stay tuned for more photos, videos and more coming in tomorrow and the rest of the week. Rachel will also attend the London premiere January 11 in Empire Leicester Sq. So if you live in London or nearby you can maybe attend the premiere.

4 Comments on ““Morning Glory” Berlin Premiere”

  1. wow, you guys are really fast. I just came home from the premiere and you already have the pictures =) great job!

    when she came out of the car I was just blown away. she looked absolutely stunning. and she was super nice and gave a lot of autographs! <3

  2. @ DDL – It’s so great you had the opportunity to attend the premiere. Did you get an autograph/photo? Great you are a visitor of the site as well and thanks for your comment. More additions will follow tomorrow and the rest of this week.

  3. Very good pictures, great job, she looks incredibly pretty!
    I will follow her closely from Argentina!.

  4. @Lindsey, Yeah, I actually got one! I’m extremely happy about that! (Which is funny, because she was January 2010 in Berlin as well. That’s when I got to see her for the first time.) So, let’s hope for more Europe premieres, haha :D

    And, you’re welcome! ;) It’s always great to visit your site, which is such a good source for Rachel fans all over the world! You guys are doing a great job! Thanks!

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