“Morning Glory” Paris Photocall

Today is the final day of the “Morning Glory” European promotion tour. Rachel and co-star Harrison Ford attended a photocall in Paris after giving a press conference. We added the first released batch in our gallery, but be sure to check back for more additions. Rachel looks absolutely stunning, maybe even the best look of the Euro promo tour.

Rachel was wearing a dress by Isabel Marant and her make-up was done by Troy Jensen. Stay tuned for more additions of the European “Morning Glory” Press Tour.

2 Comments on ““Morning Glory” Paris Photocall”

  1. Rachel is so pretty! Thanks for posting these pics! I love how you keep up with the pics, most people usually dont post for months at a time. I love that Im able to check this all the time and new and axclusive pics are posted! Thank you!

  2. Went to see this film today, late compared to the states, I know but it only came out in Europe today.. I got to say, the way Rachel draws her audience in when doing an emotional scene has always blew my mind – breathtaking, she was so good in the funny, loose parts too :) awesome film with 2 great songs. Strip me + Same Changes. I swear I almost had a tear down my eye at the end :) 8/10 overall 100,000,000 for Rachel’s movie performance :D

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