What’s Next? (Possible) Upcoming projects

With the release of “Morning Glory” behind us and a few months until “Midnight in Paris” premieres at Cannes I thought I do a little bit of searching around for possible next projects for Rachel. The latest sighting of Rachel was in Ireland, and I think it’s safe to say the is enjoying her well deserved break since she almost worked non-stop last year on “Midnight in Paris“, “The Vow“, the still untitled Terrence Mallick project, promotion for “Morning Glory” and her cameo in “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows“.

• We reported a few months ago that Rachel was mentioned for the cast of “Welcome To People” alongside Chris Pine and Meryl Streep. Only Pine made it to the officially cast. She was also mentioned for “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” alongside Saoirse Ronan and Michael Douglas and “Oz: The Return to Emerald City” but no news or development status yet.

• Rachel was also mention for “You Are Here” directed by Matthew Weiner with Jack Black, Matt Dillon, Renée Zellweger and Rachel was offered a role. This project is still in development, no official cast has been announced.

• For almost two years now Rachel is mentioned in the involvement in “Ness“, the adaption of “Torso“. Last we heard it’s still not dead yet, but the studios still don’t gave it the green light (yet).

• Last March Rachel was mentioned as the female lead in “The Orphanage“. Mark Pellington revealed they didn’y find the female lead yet.

• Rachel is mentioned for a new project “Honeymoon With Harry” directed by Jonathan Demme alongside Bradley Cooper as Todd Cartwright (Co-star of “Wedding Crashers“) and Robert De Niro as Harry Everett. If this project is happening Rachel would be playing Haley Everett, daughter of De Niro. The plot line can be found below, the status of this project is in development as we speak.

A recovering self-destructive womanizer loses his fiancee in a car accident two days before their wedding and ends up going on his honeymoon with the fiancee’s father, who detests him, so they can scatter her ashes.

• Rachel is also mention for “A Little Something for Your Birthday” and she is attached to this project for over a year now. It’s directed by Michael Engler and so far only Rachel is mentioned in the cast. The status for this project is also in development.

A clothing designer struggles to find love and success after turning thirty.

Remember these projects are still in development, a lot can happen in only a second in film industry. Sometimes it takes years to get the green light, and if they get the green light it could happen Rachel is already filming a new project. But it’s nice to read she is -somewhat- attached to new projects. Big thanks to our visitor Daphne for the heads up, and all the information is coming from the New York Times/StudioSystems, which are reliable sources.

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  1. I’ve read somewhere That she is considered for Lois Lane in the superman remake. Is that Hogwash??? Be that as it may, whatever projects she takes on, she will be awesome.

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