“Midnight In Paris” Official Website + Update

The official website for “Midnight in Paris” is -somewhat- online. It’s not the full version, but a temporary version with the already released production still of Rachel with co-star Owen Wilson. We can probably expect the release of the full site and trailer within a few weeks. You can visit the official site over here.

Also the official site says: New York and Los Angeles May 20. We think the release day for the US, not sure it’s going to be a wide release date, is May 20 of this year. “Midnight in Paris” is the opening film for Film Festival Cannes of 2011 which is May 11th; I think it’s most likely Rachel will make an appearances and do promotion for the film. We also replaced the MQ still with a High Quality one, so be sure to check it out as well.

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  1. idk… i don’t think the movie will get released in may for the us so soon… well, i’m hoping that it won’t be anyway because i’m hoping it’ll come to TIFF so i can see rachel in toronto lolol

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