Possible New Project: Doug Liman Untitled ‘Moon’ Project

A new possible project has came up for Rachel, she is possible involved in the upcoming still untitled ‘Moon‘ Project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, which is a reliable source most of the time, Rachel met with Doug Liman but he met and is still meeting other actors and actresses.

The story sounds true, especially since Rachel was seen out and about in LA before heading to Oklahoma for the (re-)shoot for the untitled Terrence Malick project. A big chance Rachel’s meeting with Doug Liman took place while she was in LA, or maybe she even went to LA to meet with him in the first place? Read the story below, it sounds like an interesting project.

Doug Liman’s untitled Moon project at Paramount may be getting back in orbit.

Liman set up the film project, at one time known as Luna, at DreamWorks back in 2007, after which it migrated to Paramount. Jake Gyllenhaal remained attached at both homes.

The story centers on a renegade group of former space employees, led by an Eastern European woman, who travel the world, stealing space equipment in an attempt to go back to the moon to acquire an energy source. The last item to steal — or in this case, kidnap — is an ex-NASA employee.

The script has gone through several substantial rewrites from several high-profile scribes, including, but not limited to, Mark Bowden, Ken Nolan and Simon Kinberg.

Liman, who directed the recent political thriller Fair Game, has several projects in development and was up until recently enamored with the sci-fi action project All You Need Is Kill at Warners. Kill, however, is now cooling down, while Moon heats up.

Gyllenhaal has moved on, and Liman is now determined to find his two or three leads in one shot. The filmmaker would like to shoot late summer, although no green light has been given and the strength and chemistry of the leads will be a factor in Paramount moving forward.

Those in on the actress meetings included Rosario Dawson, Megan Fox, Rachel McAdams, Eva Mendes, Zoe Saldana and Olivia Wilde.

On the guy side, Andrew Garfield, Emile Hirsch and Chris Pine were met with.

Liman isn’t done yet. He is back in Los Angeles on Wednesday for one day and plans to return next week for more meetings.


No official confirmation on other possible future projects are made so far. Rachel is currently back home in Toronto and probably taking her (well deserved) break after shooting non stop for almost a year now.

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  1. I love you Rachel, but I really think you are better than this project because while the plot sounds interesting, you can do better than play against Andrew Garfield (who still looks like in his early 20s), and being amongst a casting list that has Megan Fox and Eva Mendes. Also, ~several~ rewrites? Highly suspicious imho… But all that said, he did produce the “Bourne” series, so I guess that’s worth mentioning. Bleh. UNDECIDED. I just want hardcore A-list stuff for Rachel, not just borderline A-list because we’ve been waiting since 2004/2005 for her to get a legit A-list award nomination! :((

    And I wish you guys would allow auto-approval for my comments :(

  2. @ Wendy – I would love to ‘auto-approve’ your comments, but I checked and you are using different IP addresses every time you comment our spam plugin thinks you are a new visitor.

  3. Yes, I agree with Wendy. It would be cool but this doesn’t sound like the type of role she would take on at this point. Completely agree also that we hope to see her in oscar-baiting movies, those next couple years is her time to shine!

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