“The Passion” with Michael Sheen?

Midnight in Paris” co-star Michael Sheen is currently preparing for his theater event “The Passion” which will be held at various non-theater spaces across Port Talbot over Easter weekend. He co-directs and stars and is joined by a professional cast of 14 and a lot of local extras. According to local rumors Rachel will join Michael for “The Last Supper” at the Seaside Social and Labour Club in Sandfields. It was never confirmed Rachel would appear in one of the (mini) productions of the event (a total of 13 productions) by a spokeswoman but she did reveal that we: “… may catch some unexpected surprises“, maybe she was hinting us about Rachel’s ‘surprise’ appearance?

Rachel and Michael visited Ireland last month, and since Rachel always stated she would love to return to the theater some day it could be she will make a surprise appearance in “The Passion“. We will keep an eye out on the website of Port Talbot, they are giving clues about the event. BBC recently revealed the production will also be filmed.