Instyle November 2010 Update

Rachel graced the cover of Instyle Magazine last November (2010), we already had some outtakes but thanks to our amazing co-web Helena we now have a larger version of 2 outtakes and a brand new outtake in our gallery. Links and previews are below, visit our gallery for the full version. Stay tuned for more additions!

Update: Just came across another outtake of Rachel’s instyle editorial. They used it in the editorial spread, but it wasn’t released until now. Be sure to watch the full version in our gallery as well. The set is now complete, but maybe in the future they will release unseen outtakes of this session.

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  1. @Paige – The 3th one is a new outtake, they used it in the editorial but we didn’t have it as outtake in our photoshoot section because it wasn’t released.

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