Elle Magazine First Cover Previews! [Update]

As we reported to you before Rachel will be gracing the cover of the upcoming June issue of Elle Magazine (US). Elle send out their survey club and a member of the club was so kind to send us the preview scans. They are currently picking one cover (out of four), so the previews are not the finished cover but it gives us a little sneak preview of the cover and editorial.

We added the four preview covers in our gallery, we absolutely love them. Rachel looks stunning and we can not wait to see the final cover and editorial. Most of the time the new magazine hits news stands around the 10th, so we can expect the final cover around the 10th of May.

Update: Sorry we had to take them down since the cover isn’t yet released, we have to wait another month or so to see the actual cover and by the looks of the previews it’s going to be a good one!

5 Comments on “Elle Magazine First Cover Previews! [Update]”

  1. ELLE, PLEASE USE THE LAST ONE. She looks hella hot and I love her smirk. (Though I suppose the arm looks kinda awkward idk.)

    You guys should go slam the biatches who dare to take your stuff without crediting!

  2. @ Wendy – Wow you comment fast =) We find a new way, which is apparently working, to Auto-Approve your comment. So if it works, your comment will always be auto-approved.

    I personally love the first cover, but the red dress really ‘pops out’

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