Tina Fey Learned from Rachel

Mean Girls” co-star Tina Fey, who you also know from SNL and 30Rock, is currently promoting her book Bossypants and gave an interview to NPR. She reveled she learned from Rachel and has high praise for her. If you ever heard the audio commentary of the “Mean Girls” DVD you already knew Tina admired Rachel’s acting ability and personality but it’s pretty awesome she gives this kind of praise.

I will say I learned that [dealing with the camera and sound] lesson from Rachel McAdams. Do you know the actress Rachel McAdams? She was in “Mean Girls,” and she was a real – and is – a real, legit actor and film actor. And that was the first movie that I had ever been on. And I would watch – I would stand with the director sometimes and watch her scenes.

And I would say to the director: Like, that’s really small. Is she doing it? And then watching her on film, watching the dailies, I’m like: Oh, yes, she’s amazing. She’s a film actor. She’s not pushing. And so I kind of learned that lesson from watching her a couple years before.

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  1. I don’t understand that second paragraph at all, lol, but I’m guessing what Tina Fey means is that Rachel’s acting is very subtle. WHICH I LOVE TOO!! <3

  2. @ Wendy – The second paragraph is about her acting indeed, Tina points out Rachel acts ‘small’ but when you see it on screen she nails a scene without overacting, but natural.

    P.S. Found a way to auto approve your comments, and I believe it’s working =D

  3. @Lindsey – I believe so too!! :DDD Yayyyy so happy. Now I can make comments all over your entries. Thank you!

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