Latest News/Rumours Round-up – Part II

We did not expected to do another latest news round-up so soon after our previous one but we have little bits and pieces to share with you after our last update.

• Since “Midnight in Paris” is opening film for Cannes 2011 and the Film Festival is coming closer it’s getting a lot of buzz and name dropping for the cast, which is a good sign of course. The festival held a press conference yesterday to reveal the official competition selection, according to the press kitMidnight in Paris” is out of the competition so it’s only premiering at the festival. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting the Opening of the festival will bring us a Midnight madness on the Croisette to kick off the festivities. Rachel, Owen Wilson, Carla Bruni, Marion Cotillard, and Adrien Brody are expected to attend.

• “Morning Glory” is still opening world wide and opened in France last week. The movie entered the French box office at number #6 this week. The movie itself does pretty good in the box office and already made $26,564,667 outside the US. It’s already available for the US on DVD since early March.

• We reported before Rachel is not listed in the official cast of the upcoming theater project “The Passion” and we said it’s not most likely she will make an appearance like according to local rumors she would. But she was seen during rehearsals yesterday and today and according to a tweeter she will be in the production. Apparently we misinterpreted the tweet, Rachel only showed up to rehearsals to watch and support Michael Sheen. Read our original post for more information about the project. The event is held in Port Talbot (Wales) during the easter weekend.