“Midnight in Paris” Woody’s Best Film?

Chicago Tribute is reporting a critic thought “Midnight in Paris” was Woody Allen’s best movie in a couple of decades. Apparently the final movie screened already for a select group of people, including some critics and industry people. We haven’t found other reviews yet, but this opinion sounds promising! The movie premiers during Film Festival Cannes on May 11 and will get a limited release – before going wide – May 20 in the US. Only eight days until the Cannes premiere.

Wait ’til you see ‘Midnight in Paris’“, a critic-turned-programmer enthused, referring to the Woody Allen picture featuring Owen Wilson, Marion Cotillard and Rachel McAdams. It opens the Cannes Film Festival May 11, to be followed by its American premiere May 20. The programmer loved it, and considers it Allen’s strongest work in a couple of decades.
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