“Midnight in Paris” Official Website Launches

Sony Classics just released the full website for “Midnight in Paris“, you can visit the site via MidnightInParisFilm.com. Be sure to visit the website because it’s worth the visit, it contains more in depth information about the movie and the cast. We added the Rachel related captures in our gallery. The official Spanish website already released a few days ago but it has a slightly different design.

The website also contains an about the production page with a summary of the movie including quotes from Woody Allen, Owen Wilson, Marion Cotillard and Rachel. We added the article in our press archive as well. You can read some interesting excerpts below, director Woody Allen and co-star Owen Wilson both praise Rachel.

Allen has high praise for McAdams’s work on the film. “Rachel just gets it,” he says. “She’s funny when she has to be funny; she’s serious when she has to be serious. She’s unfailingly real, she doesn’t do anything too big or too under-acted, and she’s totally alive on the screen.” Says Wilson: “What I saw even more from Rachel’s performance was how Inez is kind of funny in the way she uses her sexuality to manipulate Gil. Rachel has a very good sense of humor and knew exactly how to play those scenes.”

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS is the second occasion when McAdams and Wilson co-starred as a couple, after “Wedding Crashers” in 2005. “I was so excited to work with Owen again because we had so much fun when we worked together a few years ago,” says McAdams. “As this was a much more antagonistic relationship than the one we had in the other film, I was curious about how that would play out. So our characters aren’t getting along this time around—but we did again.” Says Wilson: “I loved working with Rachel again. She came in during the second half of filming, and I think she brought this burst of energy and got everybody renewed, got us charged up for the final push.”

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