“The Vow” Official Trailer

Entertainment Tonight already gave the first preview of the trailer yesterday but Apple Trailers just exclusively released the first trailer for Rachel’s upcoming movie “The Vow” with Channing Tatum, Sam Neill, Scott Speedman and Jessica Lange. We added the trailer in our media archive and it looks promising! The HD captures will be added to our site later on today. You can already ‘Like’ the official Facebook page for the movie.

Update: We just added over 110 HD screen captures of the trailer in our gallery. Be sure to view them all, Rachel looks stunning in all of them. Please credit us if you use these anywhere else.

4 Comments on ““The Vow” Official Trailer”

  1. I despise Channing Tatum because he’s so AWKWARD on screen but ajkhfksdjafhkas I heard it has a good script and the director is pretty decent, so fingers crossed that it’ll be a good movie and that there will be loads of promotion for it because Rachel needs another box office hit D;

  2. Truth I’m looking forward to it, seems to be a beautiful film and she looks so cute. I met about the history and the release date could not believe I loved the idea jajaj and more knowing that the character has my name and also the movie will be released on my birthday jajaj, this is what can be called a coincidence?? .

  3. Wow! 2012? Why is it being released now? shouldn’t the trailer have been released late summer or even late fall? lol. It looks like a good movie. I’ll always support rachel by going out and seeing this movie.

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