NHL Stanley Cup Final

Rachel was seen yesterday in the audience during the NHL Stanley Cup Final between Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canuck. She was there with her family, her mother Sandra, father Lance, sister Kayleen and brother Daniel and his girlfriend. Lance is a big Boston Bruins fan.

It looks like she had a lot of fun, we also added a short video of Rachel with her mother Sandra and her sister Kayleen in the audience.

Update: Entertainment Weekly posted a nice article and video footage of Rachel during the Stanley Cup Finals. We added the video in our media archive, and we have to say it’s a must watch. Rachel was so enthusiastic when she was shown on the JumboTron and even showed it six times and renamed it the Rachel McAdams Cam.

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  1. I have a 2000×3000 still for the vow and i would like to donate it to this amazing site , but i can’t find an address. help, please?

  2. PHEW I was trying to watch it online else where and it wasnt working so I was like ‘I KNOW Lindsey has this, I just know it’ HA whee

  3. Aww i love the latest video! haha so funny :-p she gets tons of press everyday! but she loves the fact she gets noticed on the screen at nhl haha. LOVE IT!! Thanks for posting!

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