“Midnight in Paris” Expands

“Midnight in Paris” was expanding weekly since the limited New York/LA release on May 20th after the successes of the opening weekend and Cannes film festival opening. It was the 13th best opening weekend of all time.

This weekend Sony Classics will expand the movie to 1038 screens according to Deadline, making it the widest-released film of Allen’s career. You can find out if the movie will come to a theater near you via the official website. Earlier the Hollywood Reporter reported the movie is breaking records, also overseas. The movie is still not world wide released but at this moment release dates for outside the US are announced until December of this year. If you live overseas, keep an eye on your local cinema website for a release date.

The movie still has a high rate at Rotten Tomatoes with a 92% ‘fresh’ rate of critics and a 77% ‘fresh’ rate from the audience.