Rachel in “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”?

Yet another possible project surfaced. While I was looking for new information on the current projects I came across a new possible project listed on Itsonthegrid.com. Rachel is listed as Erica (lead) in the upcoming movie “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” based on the novel by Mohsin Hamid. The movie will be directed by Mira Nair who got the rights to the movie since 2007. Nair confirmed a few weeks ago the male lead will be Rizwan Ahmed who will be playing Changez.

Production Company: Cine Mosaic, Mirabai Films
Studio: Independent Feature – Financed
Director: Mira Nair
Producer: Mira Nair, Lydia Pilcher
Writer: Mohsin Hamid, Bill Wheeler

Plot: Changez, a Princeton graduate from Pakistan, succeeds on Wall Street, thriving in his adopted city. But in the wake of September 11, Changez finds his position in his adopted city suddenly overturned and his relationships tested. His involvement with pro-Pakistan demonstrations are called into question as is his connection to a possibly extremist student. After another attack, Changez’s link to the student implicates him indirectly to the group responsible. A thriller unfolds as Changez is forced to choose – a country, a way of life, where he belongs.
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Yet there is still the matter of his beloved Erica, who is friendly with Changez but mourning the death of her former boyfriend, Chris, from lung cancer. Changez is polite and formal; Erica is uninhibited, going topless, for instance, on a beach in Greece. The two become intimate, but she is haunted by Chris, and after 9/11 her sadness mysteriously turns pathological. She lands in an institution, then disappears.
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We don’t have full access to Itsonthegrid.com so we can not read the related articles and we don’t know how much Rachel is actually involved in the project. IMDB and NY Times aren’t listing this project on Rachel’s resumé and we didn’t find more sources that confirm her involvement so keep in mind this is yet another possible project for Rachel.

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  1. I’m curious to know the final casting. Kiefer sutherland is in this for sure, and I had heard kate hudson was in for the female lead. But love rachel too!

  2. @ Kiki – I am as well, I hope a ‘real’ new report will be released in the next few weeks because I read an article from June that says they were planning to shoot in August.

    Were did you heard about Kiefer sutherland? I loved him in 24. I search around but I couldn’t find any casting news… I love Kate so I won’t be that DISAPPOINTED if Rachel loses it to her ;)

  3. Kate Hudson is the lead as Erica, and Riz Ahmed is Changez. They started filming this week in Atlanta, GA.

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