“Wedding Crashers” Sequel in the works?

According to Fansshare.com there is a possibility of a “Wedding Crashers” sequel. Back in 2007 Vince Vaughn confirmed himself in an interview he and Owen Wilson were working on a script/ideas for a second “Wedding Crashers” but it was never officially announced there would be a sequel to the movie but maybe that’s about to change.

It has been suggested that there could well be a follow up to the hit 2005 comedy Wedding Crashers after one of the movies stars, Isla Fisher was overheard talking about the possibility of a sequel. The movie would be a definite hit after the success of Wedding Crashers.

An eye witness explained, “I’m a massive fan of Isla Fisher and when I saw her I couldn’t help but “accidentally” overhear her conversation and she was saying something about being offered the chance to return for Wedding Crashers 2 but she didn’t go into details about it.”

Wedding Crashers, which also starred Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, made $283 million worldwide and a sequel would obviously be very profitable. However, the storyline would be a stumbling block as the main characters crash weddings to pick up girls but both men ended up with their dream girl at the end of the movie. If Wedding Crashers 2 does get the go ahead, do not expect to see it before 2015.


We are not sure how reliable the source is but we thought it was interesting there could be a follow-up to “Wedding Crashers“. Keep in mind this is still a rumor and if there is a sequel it could be Rachel isn’t returning to play Claire. Thanks to our affiliate Isla Fisher Web for pointing this news out.

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  1. Yes! What’s the hold up? It’s about time, long overdue. Absolutely make the sequel for Wedding Crashes!

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