Possible/In Development Projects Update

Rachel has quite a lot ‘rumored/in development/possible’ projects going on, still none of them are confirmed but we do have some updates on some of the projects.

• Filming for “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” started filming, Rachel was mentioned or the female lead but it looks like Kate Hudson got the part. (Source)

• There is a rumors that Colin Farell was offered the lead in “Ecstasia” directed by Wayne Kramer. It was reported before that Rachel and James McAvoy were eyed for the project. (Source)

• It looks like the “Luna“/Doug Liman project is not going to happen after all. New York Times is reporting that the movie officially got dropped because of a co-financier bailed out. Liman is now working on a project with Brad Pitt. (Source

Insiders tell Vulture that Paramount has given up on making Liman’s planned space heist movie, Luna, after co-financier Skydance bailed out of the $100+ million project.

• The Variety is reporting that Eric Bana is in talks to star in “Brilliant“. Rachel was offered the female lead in the movie back in February when Matthew McConaughey was still attached. Eric and Rachel co-starred together in “The Time Traveler’s Wife“. (Source)

All the other possible projects are still in development. We really hope Rachel will join a new movie soon but it looks like she took a break after her busy year in 2010.

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