A New Poster for “The Vow”

We recently came across, what seems to be, a new poster of Rachel’s upcoming movie “The Vow” with Channing Tatum that will be released February 10, 2012. ArtMusicFilm was selling the poster on ebay and they claim they only sell authentic posters, thanks to FeiLongFan for the find!

Update: We added a bigger version of the poster in our gallery and replaced it with the old one.

3 Comments on “A New Poster for “The Vow””

  1. It looks ridiculous. They both look airbrushed to the max, and it looks like someone just threw it together on Paint.

  2. Question: Why does she have so many hair styles in the trailer? The blonde/brown looks awful but the all dark sitting on the table looks great! I don’t get it and one is short. Can’t wait for this film.

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