Happy Birthday Rachel! (+ New Layout)

Today is a very special day because Rachel turns 33! We wanted to celebrate her birthday with putting up brand new layout. We wanted to wish Rachel a Happy birthday and we hope she will have an amazing day (in London).

We wanted to do something special to also celebrate that we are online for over 7 years now. The layout is designed by Sin21 Designs and as you can see our header gives you a slideshow with a selection of production stills from the amazing movies Rachel was part of.

The layout is not completely finished because we had some troubles with out computer but as soon as that is fixed we will changes some detials in the layout. Let us know what you think about the layout and if you find any errors.

9 Comments on “Happy Birthday Rachel! (+ New Layout)”

  1. Oh my God, having so much fun flipping through the slideshow at the top now. I LOVE THIS LAYOUT. Probably my favourite so far, from the time I’ve started hanging out here anyway. I loooove the spring colours – it’s winter here in Toronto, so yes please to spring – and I love how finally, we don’t have UPPERCASE textbox commenting styles anymore, ahahah. I couldn’t read to see if I was typing properly so I’d just comment all in lowercase sometimes. I really love the slideshow though! You used my fave pic from “Red Eye”! YAY. And you spotlighted some of Rachel’s lesser known flicks too (“The Lucky Ones”) which is fabulous.

    Haven’t seen any errors so far, but because I’m slightly OCD, see if you guys can align Zac Efron’s face in justify in the ‘Site Affiliates’ section? :P

  2. aw, the new layout is beautiful!! My favorite since the time I started coming to this site. I love pink, and oh I am so spechless, it’s amazing and cute. I love the slideshow style and photos, the font title and everything else! and Happy Birthday to Rachel!! =)

    Congrats, you’re have been doing such awesome job with this site for so long.

  3. Happy Birthday !!!
    Many health luck and success in your career !
    Greetings and kisses from a simple fan of yours Bulgaria !

  4. Nice job!, I like the new layout is beautiful! and best wishes on your day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely Rachel!.

  5. I love love love the new layout, it’s gorgeous and a very fitting tribute to Rachel and her career.

    And congrats on 7 years online – this site is a rare gem in the fansite world and your dedication is really admirable. You do such an amazing job for us fans, and I’m sure Rachel would be proud!

  6. Thanks everyone for all your nice words, it means so much to me to get your support.

    @ Wendy – Thanks Wendy for your nice words. And thank you for noticing the error in the site affiliates section. I fixed it :)

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