Rachel in 2011: A Year in Review!

Just like last year we decided to review this year of Rachel in an update that will give you a review and summary of Rachel in 2011. She had two films coming out: “Midnight in Paris” and “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” and also did some promotion for “Morning Glory” early this year. With Cannes and the succes of “Midnight in Paris” it has been a good year for our girl.

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Rachel started 2011 with finishing her promotion duties for “Morning Glory” with a European promotion tour. She first premiered the movie with co-star Harrison Ford in Berlin and also visited the German talk show Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen to promote the movie. After Berlin she flew to the UK to promote the movie in London. Her T4 interview during the London press tour was probably our favorite TV interview of this year, she and Patrick Wilson have great chemistry together! After London they flew to Paris to promote the movie. Paris was the last city in Europe of the promotion tour.

Early February Rachel was seen on the set of “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” in Strasbourgh, France to shoot the opening scene for the movie. Warner Bros later confirmed Rachel would return in the sequel but only as a cameo/small appearance.

Rachel was seen arriving at Dublin Airport on her way to Ireland with her boyfriend and “Midnight in Paris” co-star Michael Sheen. Michael had a lecture at University College Dublin. Late February we got a nice treat: we got the first production stills of both The Vow and still the untitled Terrence Malick project and both of them featured Rachel.

Early March Rachel was seen back in Los Angeles leaving a Ave Q performance, hiking and departing at LAX Airport. She flew back to Oklahoma for re-shoots and/or additional scenes for the untitled Terrence Malick project. Sony Pictures also released the first production still for “Midnight in Paris” and later on the poster.

In early April Rachel was seen back in Toronto. She was seen leaving the Horseshoe Tavern. Late April she flew to Port Tablot to see Michael Sheen in the “Passion“. A few weeks later she flew back to LA because she had to promote “Midnight in Paris“. She was seen strolling in Los Feliz with Michael, grabbing lunch and grocery shopping, out & about with Michael and his daughter Lily.

Rachel graced the cover of Elle Magazine to promote “Midnight in Paris” and was featured in W Magazine. The movie was the opening movie of Cannes Film Festival, Rachel attended the festival to promote the movie. She was seen arriving at Nice airport. Rachel attended the photocall / press conference, premiere and the “Sleeping Beautypremiere and another press day.

After Cannes she returned back to New York to attend the NY premiere of “Midnight in Paris“. The movie got positive reviews after it’s release and broke record after record. The movie had top per-location average of the year of 2011 and become Woody’s higest grossing movie ever.

Rachel and her family watched the NHL Stanley Cup Final and she even appeared on the JumboTron. In late June she was seen back in Toronto; she was seen taking the TTC, shopping with Michael and Lily and biking in Toronto. In early september she was seen arriving at Heathrow Airport. She was back in London to shoot additional scenes for “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows“.

“I was certain I wanted Rachel McAdams. I knew that. She had always been what I conceived of for her part.”
-Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris director

After the Sherlock re-shoots she was seen arriving at LAX. Later in October she was seen grabbing coffee, out shopping with friends, going to yoga class and grabbing lunch with her sister Kayleen. She flew back home to Toronto for Canadian thanksgiving. She flew back to London to attend “HamletPress Night to support Michael. She was also seen grabbing dinner at the Covent Garden Hotel with Michael’s parents and waiting for a taxi in London. Michael brought Rachel as guest to his parent’s 50 year wedding anniversary.

Because Rachel only had a small appearance in “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” she only attended the Los Angeles premiere of the movie. The movie topped the box office with $40.02 million. She stayed a bit longer in LA; she was seen meeting her friend Megan in Studio city and leaving the Watch The Throne concert.

There were different rumors about possible projects including the “Moon” project of Doug Liman, Ecstasia with James McAvoy and The Silver Linings Playbook, Brilliant with Matthew McConaughey, The Reluctant Fundamentalist with director Mira Nair, The Emperor’s Children with Keira Knightley and Passion with Noomi Rapace. All the information on the current status of the project can be found this information page but it looks like only the “Passion” and maybe “The Emperor’s Children” will happen.

To wrap up the year Rachel spend Christmas back home in Toronto. Next year will bring us the release of “The Vow” and hopefully the untitled Terrence Malick project release. We think “Passion” will happen since Deadline confirmed Rachel’s involvement, shooting starts April in Germany and London.

“I’m not as ambitious and I am quite selective with the roles I choose. I commit to projects which speak to me. It’s a strange thing. Sometimes I read a script and it grabs me and perhaps if I read it at another point in my life I wouldn’t be so attracted to it.”
-Rachel McAdams, on picking project in Female First

Favorites of 2011

Here are our favorites of this year, do you agree with them or not? If you have other favorite or additions be sure to comment below.

Best Red Carpet Look
It was really hard to pick our favorite red carpet look since Rachel looked so stunning during all the appearances she attended. We really love looks during Cannes, especially her red marchesa dress during the Midnight in Paris” premiere. But we picked her silver Marchesa dress she wore during the LA premiere of “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” as our favorite red carpet look of this year.

Best News
The best news was probably the box office success of “Midnight in Paris“, critical succes and the awards nods the movie got so far including 4 Golden Globes and a Satellite nomination for Rachel.

Best Photoshoot
We got two photoshoots in 2011 for Elle and W Magazine and our favorite is her Elle Magazine shoot. She looked stunning, especially the black and white ones.

Best Interview
We didn’t get that many interviews this year, but our favorite is her Elle Magazine interview.

Best Magazine Feature
Rachel was featured in W Magazine with Woody Allen’s ‘muses’ and we really love the portrait of her.

Best Quote
Our favorite quote is also from our favorite interview of this year.

You grow up and you assume that everyone is like that [Romantic], and you quickly realize that they’re not, and then you have those days when you wonder if you’re going to find it for yourself. It’s such a hard thing to find. I think it was more that realization that rocked me.
-Rachel McAdams, Elle Magazine

Best Quote on Rachel
Diane Keaton’s quotes on Rachel are always our favorites, she also praises Rachel but also uses the right words:

“She’s like a violin. She can do anything, and she can play anything. She’s a dynamo, but she’s also soft. She can be bitchy but also light. She can do serious drama; she can do comedy. She has a lot of things going on, which makes her absolutely captivating.”
-Diana Keaton, “Morning Glory” co-star in Elle Magazine

Best Project
Our favorite project is “Midnight in Paris” we think she portrayed the love-to-hate character Inez perfectly. We fell in love with the story, the characters and Paris. It is really the first time that Rachel was part of a Award season worthy film and we hope many more will follow.

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